A little about the female choir Sunniva

Sunniva-choir is a female choir from Ulvila. It was founded in 1984 by Anne-Marie Grundstén, a church musician from Pori Teljä parish. Her idea was to have a mixed choir in Ulvila, but only one man showed up and totally changed the plans.

Where does the name Sunniva come from? She was an Irish king´s daughter, who fled to Norway to avoid an arranged marriage. She died there in a cave on the island Selje. The name means "a present from the sun". To Ulvila the name landed during the crusades. Music is also a present, a present with which the choir members have been together sharing both each others' happiness and sorrows, those of families and friends and other supporters. During the two decades since its founding the choir´s repertoire has become extensive and varied: from folk songs to church music of different ages and from barock to contemporary composers.

The choir rehearses in Ulvila old vicarage from 18.30 to 20.30 every Thursday, starting with different kinds of vocal trainings under Ágnes Paraczky´s (since 2005) friendly but persistant direction. The weekend sessions are an intensive and efficient addition to the learning process.

Sunniva-choir has performed also abroad: in Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, England and Switzerland. The choir has now also a small ensamble, Selje. The group has also its own repertoire for different kinds of occasions.